Best Alum Block for Beginners

Enjoying the smoothness of a traditional wet shave is more than just how well you can handle a cutthroat razor. In fact, one of the most important parts of your shave begins once your razor is on the shelf. That’s right, we are talking about your aftershave routine, let’s take a look at the best alum block for beginners.

Below we have compiled our best guide on how to reduce cuts after a traditional wet shave. With these tips, you can improve your daily shave and always have a smooth, fresh face. But first, let us briefly go over what an alum block is and how it can help you in your aftershave routine.

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What is an alum block?

Alum blocks are compound blocks that are very similar to stones. Moistened with water and gently applied to the shaving area, it has an astringent effect and also has the ability to soothe razor burns. It can also stop bleeding from minor cuts and punctures along many facial contours.

Alum blocks are also used because of their antiseptic properties. This means that the best alum block will not only refresh and cool your skin after shaving but also remove harmful bacteria from your wounds.

The best alum block for beginners should have all these characteristics, such as stop bleeding from cuts, soothe razor burns, cool your skin and make you feel refreshed after a shave as well as removing bacteria from cuts to not cause an infection.

Alum block history

Alum blocks have been used by people around the world for thousands of years. It was first used by the ancient Egyptians more than four thousand years ago. The alum block can be considered the original aftershave. It contains mineral salts that the ancient Egyptians used for its healing and antiseptic properties.

Since then, alum blocks have also been used for shaving and are still a popular item for passionate shavers using either straight razors or safety razors.

Benefits of using an alum block

There are many great benefits to using the best alum blocks, especially for their antibacterial properties. Those who suffer from acne will not only keep the skin clean in general but also find that the minerals in the block can help clear the skin. This is especially useful when you need to shave in an area that is prone to breakouts. These areas can be a nightmare to shave and you will feel sore afterward. Also, shaving and removing acne scars on a regular basis can lead to scarring in these areas and alum blocks can help prevent this from happening.

Those with naturally oily skin will also notice an improvement in their skin tone. Just apply the block on the oily spots and watch the grease go away. For the best results, those experiencing bad skin, acne and other breakouts should apply the alum before going to bed.

Remember, the block should not be used every day as this can cause dehydration and cracking, or lead to the production of more oil from the skin.

One of the biggest advantages of the best alum blocks is that it quickly stops bleeding from cuts and wounds. The natural salts in alum block coagulate and stop the bleeding process in its tracks. You won’t find those blood red and brown stains on your pretty white oxford again!

How and when to use alum blocks

Most of us have cut ourselves when shaving, in fact, we would be very surprised if there’s someone out there who has not! But what’s the best way to handle shaving?

For most men, it’s a quick blow after shaving, a smart wink in the mirror, and a bloodstain from the tissues. Of course, this is not the way to shave. Instead, we’d recommend alum blocks.

Like aftershave, alum block has an antiseptic effect. However, while aftershaves can dry out and irritate the incision, alum blocks tend to pick up the problem right at the root and can even help stop bleeding – think about all the tissues you’re going to save!

After shaving, wash your face with warm water to remove any remaining cream, hair, and blood! Then it’s time to apply your alum block. The first thing you need to know is that applying a block of alum to a fresh cut will burn like nuts! But what’s on the other side of pain? Progress.

To use alum, simply put it under cold water before applying it to your face. Pay close attention to minor cuts and irritated areas, and pay attention to where they are – you might be a little angry with your razor here, so you may need to practice your technique next time. When finished, clean your alum block with fresh water and store it in a dry place. It is very easy!

How to use block alum when shaving

To be clear, block alum is used as an aftershave tool, not before. It is not used to clean the face and is not the best facial cleanser for men. The point is to apply it to the area that was just shaved.

There are several steps to follow when using an alum block. Follow these instructions carefully for the best shaving experience.

Step 1

Wet the alum block with water. It is best to use cold water to wet the block.

Step 2

Rub the wet block on the freshly shaved skin. Be careful with this process, you don’t want to rub it so hard that it irritates your skin.

Step 3

Once the entire shaved area is well covered with an alum block, let it dry on the skin for a minute or two.

step 4

Rinse the excess product off and dry your face before you apply beard oil or beard conditioner to your face.

Step 5

After using the alum block, remove any excess foam from the block to prevent chalk build-up. Dry the block and place it in a cool, dry place that breathes well.

How to use conditioner/moisturizer after shaving

Once you’ve covered small cuts with alum, it’s time to add long-lasting moisture with a post-shave conditioner or moisturizer. Using one or both of these basic products differentiates those who suffer from razor burn from those who are looking forward to their next shave.

When looking for the best aftershave products, look for ingredients with naturally soothing properties like aloe vera, chamomile, and witch hazel. If you have very sensitive skin, try choosing a product with lower alcohol content and little or no fragrance.

Once you’ve selected your conditioner, massage it evenly into your freshly shaved skin in small circular motions. This process helps you penetrate the skin and allows the balm to penetrate deep into your pores for maximum protection and rehydration. Try not to dry your skin after application, as this interferes with the moisturizing process. Instead, let the conditioner soak into your skin naturally.

The best alum block for Beginners

Alum blocks are becoming increasingly popular and have been barbers’ secret tools for a very long time. They are a great way to get rid of unwanted skin imperfections while shaving and are a must-have for men who cut themselves regularly while shaving.

The best alum block for beginners offers a variety of benefits and is relatively inexpensive and durable.

An alum block can be supplied in a complete beard trim kit. However, not all alum blocks are created equal, and this article is intended to help clarify which option is best. This article will also be useful for those who have never used or even heard of alum blocks to better understand why they should start using them today.

As with anything in your shaving and trimming repertoire, the best alum block and the right razor will help you. Also, those with sensitive skin should read this article and understand why alum blocks may not be right for your skin type.

1. Gentleman Jon Alum Block

gentleman jon alum block

Gentleman Jon Alum Block’s antiseptic and astringent properties make this product fast-acting in stopping bleeding from minor cuts and wounds.

In addition, Gentleman Jon Alum Block will help tighten your skin after shaving. More importantly, you don’t have to deal with irritation from shaving or burns because Gentleman John prevents it from the start.

As long as the Gentleman Jon alum block is available in 3.7 ounces, you can use it every day and still last for months, maybe even years. For the size and duration of time, the Gentleman Jon alum block comes at a great price. Additionally, Gentleman Jon alum block comes with a sturdy plastic case that you can use as storage space.


  • Effectively stops bleeding, irritation, and burning while shaving
  • The large 3.7-ounce block will last for months or even years
  • Durable and practical storage case made of plastic
  • Relatively cheap


  • Messy sometimes
  • Not for very sensitive skin

2. Osma Alum Block

osma alum block

If you’re shaving with a straight or double-edged razor, there’s bound to be a lot of cuts, which is why the Osma Alum Block should be something in your shaving kit.

This alum block is smaller than the previous Gentleman Jon Alum block, you get a 2.65-ounce block of alum for the price. Even though they are small, they last for a while, because the little one still has a long way to go.

Be careful not to leave the product on your skin for more than 30-40 seconds as this is enough time to act and stop bleeding from the incision. In the first few seconds, you’ll feel a slight sting, but the feeling will pass quickly and won’t burn or irritate you.

Unlike some of the other options, this alum block won’t feel harsh when rubbed on a wet face. The only thing to be careful of is not to drop it because it is a bit slippery and easily breaks.


  • Stops bleeding and soothes razor cuts
  • Smooth surface that does not scratch the skin
  • It has antiseptic properties


  • Burns when applied to sensitive skin
  • No storage box included

3. G.B.S Alum Block

g.b.s alum block

That pleasant cool feeling after stopping the bleeding from cuts and wounds is what The G.B.S Alum Block works to tighten pores and treat razor burns. The first time you use it, you’ll find that it works immediately, giving your skin instant relief after shaving.

The practical case offered is made of hard plastic, which makes it easier to pack on the go. In addition, the plastic container prevents the alum from breaking because it is very fragile and breaks easily. At 3.5 ounces, this item will last a very long time, approximately 10-12 months of normal usage.


  • Stops bleeding from cuts and wounds and soothes razor burns
  • A big block that lasts a long time
  • Price is very cheap


  • Easy to crack and break

4. RazoRock alum block

razorock alum block

The most important benefit you will experience with the RazoRock Alum Block is the reduction in razor burn and skin irritation. With its antiseptic properties, it stops bleeding from incisions and closes pores, leaving your skin firm and smooth.

This product has many uses and you can also use it as a deodorant, a facial toner to prevent acne on oily skin, and a deodorant. Because it does not contain harsh chemicals, it is safe to use without worrying about causing skin problems.

At 3.2 ounces, if used properly, it will last for months or even a whole year. This product comes in a handy plastic case that you can use for storage.

If you like RazoRock, we recommend you take a look at their shaving soap bundle deal containing 1 alum stick of 2.1 ounces and shaving soap.


  • Seal cracks and wounds to stop bleeding
  • Makes skin smooth and firm
  • Comes with a plastic case for storage and travel
  • Price is very cheap


  • Breaks very easily if not careful

5. Parker safety razor alum block

parker safety razor alum block

One of the largest alum blocks on the market, the Parker safety razor is available as a solid crystal and, at 4.4 oz., it is sure to last you for years to come. Due to its large size, this product is easy to use and non-slip so you won’t drop it while using it.

This product is great for sealing cuts and wounds and stopping bleeding due to its natural antiseptic properties. Does not burn at all when applied. Instead, it gives a pleasant and cool feeling, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. If you experience irritation, this alum block will be effective in calming it down.

Also, you won’t notice a salty residue when compared to some other similar products. Plus, you get a handy plastic case for travel and storage that you can keep if you need to.


  • It stops the bleeding from the cut immediately
  • Doesn’t sting and feels refreshing on the skin
  • Huge size at 4.4 ounces which will last you a long time
  • Plastic case for travel and storage


  • One side is a bit rough
  • The case is fragile and breaks easily