Shaving Scuttle – What is it And How Do You Use Them?

If you’ve been reading wet shaving forums or browsing stores, you’ve almost certainly heard of shaving scuttles. But what exactly are they, and how do you use them to enhance your shaving experience? The article will explain what a Shaving Scuttle is, how to use it, and the benefits it can provide to your shaving routine.

Why do you need a shaving scuttle?

Most beginners build their lather with their hands or even directly on their face, which is great for learning how long and how much water is required to build a thick lather for that specific soap. However, as you progress to multiple pass shaving, you will want to have a ready supply of lather on hand. This is when a shaving mug or scuttle comes in handy.

Shaving scuttles are an excellent addition to any wet shaver’s setup. They add a touch of luxury to your soap lather by keeping it thick and warm, especially in the winter. Scuttles have grown in popularity and interest in recent years. What was once considered vintage?

What exactly is a shaving scuttle?

A Shaving Scuttle is a ceramic bowl with two walls that is used to keep soap lather warm and ready for multiple passes. Fill the bottom bowl with hot water and create thick soap/cream lather in the upper bowl. It helps to create a thick lather by utilizing both the heat from the water and any inner grooves in the bowl, while also keeping it warm and ready for re-application for any future passes.

A scuttle is typically made of ceramic, which has excellent thermal properties; they have a standard size of 3.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep, but this can vary greatly depending on the potter’s designs and style. Full scuttle kits are also available, consisting of three containers: a bowl to keep your brush wet, a scuttle for building and storing lather, and a third bowl for storing a soap puck and loading the brush. Some scuttles have a large enough opening to keep your shaving brush warm and wet with the water in the bottom, but this is less common.

How to use a shaving scuttle?

The following are the steps below to get the most out of your Shaving Scuttle. You can collect entire information about what is a shaving scuttle to have the desired results.

  • The first step is to fill both the inner and outer bowl with hot top water.
  • Then use the top bowl to fully soak and wet your shaving brush. Leave it for a few minutes until the brush is fully saturated.
  • When the brush is fully wet, empty both bowls and refill the bottom bowl with hot water.
  • Remove any excess water from the top bowl and load up your shaving brush with your favourite soap or cream.
  • Build a thick lather in the top bowl and add extra water as required.
  • Lather your face as per normal.
  • Shave your face with the grain for your first pass.
  • Re-lather and shave again for as many passes as required to get the desired shave.
  • Finally rinse your face, equipment and clean up.

Thus, these are the steps that you need to follow for learning how to use a shaving scuttle. The gathering of complete details about them is essential so that you will have a different and unique look. As a result, you will have the satisfaction of the requirements with the correct use of the shaving cream.

Benefits of using a shaving scuttle

The type of shaving soap you use determines whether or not you need a shaving scuttle. It goes without saying that if you use latherless soap, you may not need a shaving scuttle. If you prefer to lather your shaving soap, you will most likely require a shaving scuttle. Shaving scuttles, bowls and mugs all have distinct characteristics. The main distinctions are in the materials and shapes. Shaving bowls will help you if you use shaving soap. They are deep and wide, allowing for a lot of lather to be built up.

Things to look for the right shaving scuttles

The materials

Shaving Scuttle is made from a variety of materials. The material used to make a shaving scuttle determines its properties. Each material has a distinct feel, as well as advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic shaving scuttles, for example, are visually appealing with sleek designs and excellent heat retention. They are, however, very delicate and prone to breaking. Then there’s wood, which has a luxurious feel to it. They also retain heat well and produce a rich, creamy lather in a short amount of time. Wood, on the other hand, absorbs water over time and may warp and lose shape within a few years.


The size of the shaving scuttle to use is determined by how frequently and for how long you shave. Shaving scuttles come in three sizes: narrow, medium, and large. Scuttles, regardless of size, keep the froth warm. In order to produce a thick lather, small scuttles frequently have textured walls. They may, however, have little wiggle room for your brush.

Scuttles in medium and large sizes are both affordable and functional. They also add a lot of depth to your shaving soap. Furthermore, they hold more lather than smaller scuttles and frequently have handles for stability when lathering.


Polished shaving scuttles may not produce as much lather. When shopping for shaving scuttles, make sure to look inside. Small bumps and ridges on the walls of products are very useful. When rubbing shaving brushes with cream, soap, or gel, the uneven inner surface creates friction, which aids in the production of a rich lather.

Thus, these are the things that you need to know about the shaving scuttle. You can gather entire details about it for the meeting of the needs for the satisfaction of the nourishment for skin and hair.

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