Straight Razor vs Safety Razor

The biggest difference between a straight razor and a safety razor is the blade itself. Straight razors are made with a fixed blade, often up to 3 inches long, and need to be sharpened by an expert, it also needs to be stropped before use. The safety razor on the other hand has interchangeable blades and works more like a regular razor.

When deciding on what type of razor is best for you, there are a couple of things to take into consideration, in this article we will try to cover all the differences between a straight razor and a safety razor as each has its pros and cons.

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Is Straight Razor Better than Safety Razor

While straight razors will give you the closest shave possible, it’s not the only criteria when comparing the two. The most important factor is which one is better for your shaving style and preferences.

Straight razors will give you the closest shave but if you do not have the right technique you will cut yourself a lot, as the blade is very sharp and difficult to handle as a beginner. The safety razor on the other hand is handled more like a regular razor, with safety measures to reduce nicks and cuts, hence the name.

If you enjoy taking care of your razor, sharpening, stropping, and want to learn how to master the straight razor then, by all means, go for it. We have listed a few of our top recommendations for straight razors below.

If, instead, you are looking for an easier shave, I recommend you have a look at the best Parker safety razors as this is one of the best brands in the industry and every man serious about his shaving should have one in his arsenal.

Are straight edge razors better than regular razors

With regular razors, we mean disposable and cartridge razors. The short answer to the question is, it depends. Depending on your needs and preferences, just as with the safety razor, not everyone enjoys using a straight razor.

Disposable cartridge razors are, however, not a long-term alternative, as you constantly have to buy new ones. The straight razor on the other hand, if cared for properly, will last you a lifetime.

In the middle, we have safety razors, which only need the blade replaced when it gets dull. If you want a high-quality razor that lasts for a long time and is fairly cheap to maintain, have a look at the Parker 96R safety razor.

Are Straight Razor Shaves Safe

Straight razors are the oldest type of razor in the world, only in the early 1900s did Gillette invent the safety razor which made the old straight razor obsolete. In recent years the straight razor has been growing steadily in popularity, not only by barbers, stylists, and professionals but also by the common man.

Are straight razors safe? Well, it depends on who is holding it, without a good technique it could be dangerous, but most likely you will only cut yourself a lot. Make sure you learn a good technique and practice makes perfect when first starting out.

Caution: The straight razor is not a toy, keep it out of reach and don’t let children near the razor as it is very sharp!

Do Safety Razors Give a Better Shave

When comparing the shave from different types of razors, it is clear that the straight razor gives the closest shave, but it will also irritate and cause damage to your skin. The safety razor gives a closer shave than disposable cartridge razors, however, it is not near as good as the straight razor.

If you are uncomfortable with using a straight razor, then the safety razor gives a perfectly good result as well as fewer irritations and cuts when shaving.


Now that you have some more understanding of the differences between a straight razor and a safety razor, it is time to make a decision. But before you go and buy a razor of any type, make sure you read customer reviews of both the brand and model, that way you can narrow down which razor may be best for you.

The straight razor may not be as suitable for beginners as the safety razor, that’s why I always recommend the Parker 99R safety razor as this is the best safety razor for beginners.

Let’s summarize this article in a few bullet points.

The straight razor is best if you:

  • Want your shaving to be more of a ritual than a necessary chore.
  • Are interested in taking good care of your razor, sharpening, honing and stropping the blade.
  • Want the closest shave possible.
  • Don’t mind having a steep learning curve and cutting yourself a lot along the way.

The safety razor is best if you:

  • Want a close enough shave and don’t want to spend money on disposable cartridge razors.
  • Want an easy to use razor without any learning curve.
  • Are looking for a high quality razor that will last you a lifetime.

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