What is Beard Butter – Best Beard Butter Reviews

When it comes to beard products there are plenty of products to choose from, razors, combs, beard balm, beard oil, aftershave to name a few. But what is beard butter? Simply put, beard butter is a product that combines both beard oil and beard balm, moisturizing both your beard and skin, it also gives your beard a fresh scent.

Now you may be wondering why on earth you would use beard butter when there are other products that do the same thing? Well, there are some differences between beard butter and other products, we’ll get into the differences later on in this article. For example, beard butter can be used in combination with other products such as beard balm in order to give an even better effect.

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Beard Butter vs Beard Balm

When comparing the two beard products it is easy to tell them apart. Because there is no beeswax in beard butter it feels more creamy, this will help the butter fully cover the hair follicles and skin beneath.

There are different benefits to using both products, let’s take a look at the two separately.

Beard Butter

Beard butter is usually made up of natural butter and oils, it provides a significantly lighter hold than the beard balm because most often there is little or no beeswax in a beard balm.

The main ingredients in beard butter are shea or mango butter and natural oils. Beard butter serves more as a deep conditioner than a styling agent, it helps soften both your beard and the skin underneath and also promotes healthier beard growth.

If you are suffering from dry skin, dandruff, and an itchy beard, then I highly recommend you try Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is another great product for conditioning and moisturizing your beard, it also gives your beard a great hold and can double down as a styling product. Most beard balms are made with beeswax, shea butter, mango oil, essential oils, or other natural oils. In short, beard balm is a good product for keeping your beard tamed and nourished at the same time.

If you want more control over your beard during the daytime, the Honest Amish Beard Balm is a great choice with over 29,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

Can I use both beard butter and beard balm?

The short answer is yes, but most likely you will not be applying them both at the same time. Because they both consist of natural oils and shea or mango butter, there’s really no need to use them both.

Instead, I would recommend that you use beard balm during the day when you want more control over your beard and apply beard butter during the night as it has a much lighter hold. This way your beard and skin will be well-taken care of both when you are awake and when sleeping.

When to Use Beard Butter

Beard butter is best for shorter beards that do not need to be styled and can look good with a lighter hold medium. If you need a stronger hold I would recommend you use beard butter during the night to help refreshen and moisturize your beard when you sleep. There’s no better feeling than waking up with a fresh and soft beard.

If you are looking to grow a healthy beard it is recommended to use beard butter daily as this will help promote beard growth and also supply your beard and skin with the oils and minerals it needs.

How to Use Beard Butter

To keep your beard as healthy as possible, it’s important to use beard butter every day as it moisturizes and nourishes both your beard and the skin.

  1. In order to get the most out of your beard butter it is important that you first wash your beard thoroughly, as you don’t want a dirty beard when applying the beard butter.
  2. Use your fingers to get a good amount of beard butter from the container and rub it between your palms until it melts and becomes almost liquid.
  3. Massage the beard butter thoroughly in your beard and make sure you also reach down to the skin beneath.
  4. When you have applied the beard butter all over your beard, comb your beard with a wide tooth beard comb. This will help spread the butter evenly, gently massage the skin on your face, stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.
  5. After you have done the previous steps it is highly recommended that you also apply beard oil, as the beard oil will help reduce itching and flaking.

Best Beard Butter – Beard Butters Reviews

1. Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter

maestro's classic beard butter

Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter is the go-to beard butter for a lot of men. This beard butter moisturizes and hydrates both your beard and skin, helping your beard feel and look fresh.

The Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter comes in a 6 oz (170g) container and has a fresh scent of grapefruit, black pepper, and bergamot.

2. Live Bearded Straight Up Unscented Beard Butter

live bearded straight up beard butter

There are many men out there who don’t want to smell like flowers or fruits but instead prefer a neutral scent, or even unscented beard products. That’s where Live Bearded shines with their unscented beard butter.

This is the best unscented beard butter I have ever come across and I have tested a lot of different brands. It has a light/medium hold and comes in a 4 oz container.

3. Detroit Grooming Co Beard Butter Sampler Pack

detroit grooming co beard butter

Are you a man that likes to switch things up? Or perhaps you are unsure of which scent you like the most and want to try a few different ones? With the Detroit Grooming Co Sampler pack, you can try different scents to see which one suits you best.

This pack contains six conveniently travel-sized containers of 0.5 oz, each with a different scent. The scents included are:

  • Toasted vanilla and amber.
  • Vanilla and cedarwood.
  • Cedarwood and amber.
  • Mango and lime.
  • Cherry tobacco.
  • Orange and lavender.

Note: This pack of 6 beard butter from Detroit Grooming Company is perfect as a gift for any bearded man.


Hopefully, after reading this article you have gotten your questions answered and know what beard butter is, when and how to use beard butter, as well as a few recommendations of the best beard butter.

If you are having trouble deciding for yourself then I recommend you try Maestro’s Classic Beard Butter as this is one of the most popular and highly reputable brands on the market.

Remember to wash your face and beard before applying beard butter, massage it in thoroughly, use a wide-tooth beard comb to get an even spread, and finish it off with your favorite beard oil.

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