Here’s Why Your Beard Trimmer Pulls Your Hair

One of the most convenient ways to shave is with an electric trimmer. For a wet shaving experience, you don’t need to use shaving cream or any other product. If necessary, you can carry a trimmer in your pocket and clean it up in a public restroom.

However, there is one minor snag. It keeps tugging at your beard hairs, which is quite painful. Furthermore, it irritates the skin of your face. What’s going on? Why do electric trimmers behave in this manner?

Your beard trimmer could be pulling your hair for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that the trimmer is of poor quality and construction. You may be using a rotary trimmer when a foil trimmer would be better if the product is of excellent quality.

Because the sensitivity of your skin and the breadth of your hair all play a role in choosing a trimmer, one foil trimmer may be worse than another. If your technique is weak, even a high-quality trimmer with the appropriate form will pull the hairs. If it’s not the trimmer, it might merely need to be cleaned to stop tugging, or your beard might be too long and need to be clipped before using your electric trimmer.

With so many potential causes for your trimmer pulling your hair, it’s critical to narrow down your alternatives so you can pinpoint the source of your problem. We’ll go through how to choose a trimmer, how to use it properly, and how to keep it in good working order so you can put this problem behind you.

How to Stop Beard Trimmer from Pulling Hair

To prevent an electric trimmer from tugging your hair, clean it first. This is discussed further down. If this addresses the problem, all you have to do now is make sure you clean it on a regular basis. If it doesn’t, the problem will get a little more difficult.

Electric trimmers are divided into two types. One is the rotary shaver, which has three circular blades that can be adjusted to match your face. These are best suited to those with extremely tough skin. They deliver a precise shave and can handle long hair.

Foil shavers are trimmers with blades on the end and various blades or heads that can be attached to adjust the length of the cut. They can work with long hair, but they are more likely to pull them out. Because there is less touch with the skin and less heat generated by friction, these are preferable for persons with more sensitive skin.

When using a rotary shaver, you may go around your face in circular directions without worrying about plucking hairs. The foil shaver, on the other hand, should be moved in straight lines because it cuts in a straight path. With a foil shaver, moving from side to side will uncomfortably pull the hairs.

Choose the trimmer that is ideal for your skin, and make sure it is a well-known brand, as they must maintain their quality or face a flood of negative reviews, causing their stock to collapse.

If your trimmer pulls your hair, utilize the T.O.P.C approach to figure out what’s causing the issue. This is what it is:

Teeth – Oil – Power – Clean

Start by inspecting the blades, or teeth. It is possible for blades to be bent or broken. When this is the case, it’s no surprise that the trimmer is yanking on your hair. After that, lubricate it. Lubrication is frequently effective in resolving the issue. Check the electricity if the problem persists. It’s possible that battery-powered trimmers need to be charged, and that plugs or cables aren’t operating properly. Power is an issue if you can pinch the blade with two fingers and make it halt.

Then you should clean your beard trimmer. You’d be amazed how many individuals don’t clean their trimmers and then get startled when their hairs start to pull. They certainly do! If you want things to work correctly, you must maintain them.

If your trimmer is still tugging your hair after following all of these procedures, it’s time to replace it. Yours either isn’t working properly or is poorly constructed.

Health Risks With Pulling Beard Trimmer

A trimmer that pulls your hair poses relatively small health hazards, and they have less to do with the pulling and more to do with the cut hair itself. Pulling your hair with your trimmer produces further irritation and can even result in whole hairs being taken out. This can be an unpleasant or even painful experience, but it will not jeopardize your health.

The cutting of pulled hair, rather than tugging, offers the greatest danger. Your trimmer’s first blade drags on the hair, and the successive blades cut it. Because the hair was being yanked, it was being pulled further out of the skin, causing the second blade to cut beneath the skin’s surface. This may not appear to be significant, but it is.

The difficulty is that the hair now has to grow back from completely beneath the skin’s surface, which makes it far more probable that the hair will become ingrown. Acne, inflammation, and infection are all symptoms of ingrown hairs. If not addressed properly, the last one can become a severe health danger.

How To Clean a Beard Trimmer

If you use an electric trimmer, you must make frequent cleaning and lubricating a habit. Some trimmers may be cleaned with a little soapy water, but it’s vital to avoid getting the electronic parts of the interior wet. Other trimmers require you to remove the head and soak it for a few minutes in water.

Lubrication is also vital since a lubricated trimmer is less likely to pull your hair. A little bottle of oil is included with most electric trimmers. To keep it operating smoothly, squeeze out a drop or two on the blades. You might want to consider buying a second bottle of this oil because it runs out soon.

Can You Oil Your Beard Trimmer With Beard Oil?

Despite the fact that both trimmer lubricant and beard oil are classified as “oil,” they are not the same thing. Beard oil is prepared by combining a carrier oil with one or more essential oils. We utilize a low-viscosity oil that doesn’t ignite at high temperatures as a trimmer lubricant. While beard oil technically meets this description, it’s preferable to use a single type of oil rather than a mix.

If you don’t have any trimmer oil, you can use vegetable or olive oil. Keep in mind that extra virgin oils aren’t recommended because they can’t withstand higher heat. What is the significance of temperature? The trimmer’s blades travel swiftly, which causes them to become rather hot. The last thing you want to do while trimming your beard is to apply an oil that spontaneously ignites.

Should You Buy a New Trimmer?

I hope this post hasn’t scared you away from getting an electric trimmer. Remember that if a trimmer is tugging your hair, it’s either your technique or the trimmer itself that’s at fault. Most guys will have little trouble using an electric trimmer, but for the greatest results, they should stick to a well-known brand.

Philips and Wahl are two of the most popular beard trimmer brands. Philips has released a low-cost electric trimmer that provides a fine shave and is simple to clean with water. When washing, the design makes it difficult to damage the electronic components. This Wahl trimmer is a less expensive choice that is a little more difficult to clean, but it comes with a plethora of head variations to customize your shave and give you endless style options.

Final Words

While pulling your hair with a trimmer is typical, it is always a clue that something is wrong with your beard trimmer. Remember to use the T.O.P.C. method to solve the problem. This will fix it seven times out of ten.

Two out of 10 times, the issue is with your technique. When you move a foil shaver sideways, the hair is constantly pulled. A rotary shaver and a foil shaver should not be used in the same way just because they are both electric razors.

Finally, one out of every ten occasions the issue is a need for a new razor. Remember to shop for quality if you find yourself in this situation. Buying a high-quality electric razor and maintaining it properly will make your shaves a lot more enjoyable, and you can be assured that your razor will last much longer.